What I do

I specialize in Business Development for Robotics and Unmanned Systems, predominately in military and scientific markets. I’ve developed this ability using a solid foundation in aeronautical engineering and physics, then adding three decades of experience in R&D engineering management, program management, corporate management, and business development. I’ve booked business exceeding $1.4 billion USD, spanning 25 countries. My most satisfying successes have been achieved through team efforts, never accidental and always well-supported from above.

The details of my career and education can be found on my LinkedIn profile (link).

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How I do it

I look for great teams doing exciting things in aerospace, and then figure out ways to work with them. I’m hopelessly smitten by technology-enabled aerospace endeavors trying to change the world, and the usually amazing people behind them. But, I’ve seen enough bad strategic plays and failed technology-pushes to know that amazing tech is not the end-answer, but rather the enabler for the success of a solid business capture strategy executed well towards a clear goal.

Having worked for commercial and defense contractors as an employee for essentially my whole career, I’m finally now consulting for them through my own company (link).

I’m not averse to working for the right employer again as a direct employee, but now that I’ve enjoyed life on the other side I can be a much more discerning candidate for any potential position or role.


Where I do it