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06/29/2017: MDA restarts satellite robotic servicing business with Luxembourg's SES as first customer


04/12/2017: SSL Completes Agreement to Partner With DARPA on Satellite Servicing


03/15/2017: MDA US Systems Recognized by NASA for Robotic Servicing of ISS


03/13/2017: MDA US Systems Robotic Arm used in Chilean desert for NASA-Ames Atacama Rover Astrobiology Drilling Studies (ARADS)


02/09/2017: DARPA Selects SSL as Commercial Partner for Revolutionary Goal of Servicing Satellites in GEO


01/26/2017: MDA Signs Security Control Agreement with US DoD, Further Enabling US Government Business Pursuits


12/26/2017: MDA US Systems STEM Donation Helps Houston High School Robotics Team


12/09/2016: SSL to Provide Spacecraft for NASA Restore-L On-Orbit Robotic Satellite Servicing Mission, employing MDA US Systems Robotic Arms


07/21/2016: MDA US Systems to Provide Robotic Arms to DARPA for Satellite Servicing


04/29/2016: MDA US Systems to Provide Camera Focus Mechanisms for NASA-JPL Mars 2020 Project


02/29/2016: MDA US Systems Developing Robotic Sample Handling Assembly for NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Mars 2020 Project


04/15/2014: MDA Corp. Awarded Support Contract By Canadian DND for Raven UAVs


10/29/2013: MDA Corp. Wins $11.3M Contract to To Provide AeroVironment’s Raven UAV To The Canada’s Department of National Defence


04/28/2013: Unmanned drones to assist 8,000 strong police force during G8 summit


03/19/2013: Japan employs Puma AE for disaster relief operations


03/07/2013: Uzbekistan Border Guard to receive Raven UAVs


12/03/2012: CybAero enters strategic partnership with AeroVironment to pursue $1B US State Department UAV Program


06/29/2012: AeroVironment supports NATO Trial Unified Vision's SUAS operations amongst 17 nations, Ørland MAS, Brekstad, Norway


06/15/2012: Nineteen Countries Have Bought Aerovironment UAVs


06/12/2013: Danish Armed Forces Select AeroVironment’s Puma AE Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems


06/11/2013: Swedish Defence Materiel Administration Orders AeroVironment Puma AE and Wasp Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems


02/15/2012: US Air Force Awards AeroVironment $4.2 Million Order for Switchblade Loitering Munition System


02/13/2012: AeroVironment Secures Global Distribution Rights for Sentient’s Target Detection Software for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems


10/27/2011: AeroVironment Introduces the Qube Small Unmanned Aircraft System for Public Safety Professionals; Announces Test and Evaluation Program


09/01/2011: U.S. Army Awards AeroVironment $4.9 Million Contract for Switchblade Agile Munition Systems and Services


08/30/2011: AeroVironment Introduces Shrike Vertical Take-off And Landing (VTOL) Unmanned Aircraft System


08/17/2011: Puma UAV Guides B-1 Attacks


07/01/2011: Report: FBI Warns Of Al-Qaida Threats Against Monrovia Aircraft Execs


06/29/2011: Burundi, Uganda to receive Raven B SUAS


04/01/2011: AeroVironment Global Observer Experiences Mishap During Extended Duration Flight Testing


02/28/2011: Ultra Electronics Provides JALN-TCS Communications Payload on Global Observer


02/17/2011: AeroVironment Develops World’s First Fully Operational Life-Size Hummingbird-Like Unmanned Aircraft for DARPA


01/11/2011: Global Observer, AeroVironment’s Extreme Endurance Unmanned Aircraft System, Achieves Historic First Hydrogen-Powered Flight


10/25/2010: AV’s Global Observer Stratospheric Unmanned Aircraft System Completes Initial Flight Testing


08/14/2010: AeroVironment’s Stratospheric Global Observer Unmanned Aircraft System Makes First Flight


03/04/2010: Aerovironment receives $1.18m contract for Phase III "Anubis stealth assassin robo-missile"


12/28/2009: Dutch Defense starts using Ravens for civil defense missions in the province of North Brabant, Netherlands (English) (Dutch1) (Dutch2) (Dutch3)


11/01/2009: Army to Expand Raven Family of Unmanned Aircraft, to include Wasp and Puma AE


10/05/2009: Smiths Detection, AeroVironment and US Army Collaborate on Chemical Agent-Detecting UAV


10/02/2009: Czech military to buy two Raven B Systems for Afghanistan


09/01/2009: AeroVironment's Raven Receives Military Aircraft Type-Certification from The Netherlands Ministry of Defense (English) (Dutch)


08/06/2009: Australia trials Wasp III ahead of new SUAS fleet buy


06/03/2009: AeroVironment Receives Order for Third Global Observer Aircraft under JCTD Program


04/20/2009: Puma AE hydrogen fuel cell development continues with $3.3M US DoD contract to Protonex, leading to 6+ hour endurance (Defense News)


04/01/2009: AeroVironment's Raven Achieves 30-Hour Persistent Surveillance in Demonstration with US Army


03/18/2009: AeroVironment Puma AE enters development for fuel cell power greatly extending endurance, continuing prior Puma fuel cell work


03/16/2009: AeroVironment Demonstrates Switchblade Lethal UAV


02/27/2009: US Government sells Ravens to Lebanon Air Force


01/20/2009: Rockwell Collins navigation system selected for AeroVironment’s Global Observer Unmanned Aircraft System


12/15/2008: AeroVironment's Raven Receives Military Aircraft Type-Classification Certificate from the Italian Ministry of Defense


11/03/2008: Aerovironment awarded $5.8M contract for Raven RQ-11B digital data link


10/30/2008: Chilean, U.S. Air Forces share perimeter defense methods (Raven featured)


10/10/2008: Mini unmanned vehicle (Raven B) demonstrates capabilities for MAWTS-1 Marines


09/15/2008: Perch and Stare: U.S. Agency Pushes Tiny UAVs Toward New Abilities (Defense News)


09/08/2008: Ultra Electronics reveals new details on Global Observer HALE UAV JCTD


08/25/2008: Raven UAV guards military convoys in Iraq ( video)


07/02/2008: AeroVironment Awarded $200M USSOCOM All Environment Capable Variant (AECV) Small UAS Contract, with "Puma AE"


05/30/2008: Netherlands Ministry of Defence Selects AeroVironment's Raven Small UAS (English)  (Dutch)


05/27/2008: DARPA Awards AeroVironment Phase II Contract for Nano Air Vehicle Development


01/14/2008: Spanish Army buys Raven Systems (English) (Spanish)


01/03/2008: USAF Approves BATMAV System with AeroVironment's Wasp III Micro Air Vehicle for Full Rate Production


01/02/2008: US Forces RQ-11 Raven fleet will surpass 450,000 combat flight hours by the end of 2008, says Col Robert Quackenbush, Deputy Director for US Army Aviation


11/20/2007: United States Marine Corps Awards AeroVironment $19.3 Million BATMAV Contract for Wasp III Micro Unmanned Aircraft Systems


10/11/2007: U.S. Air Force adopts Raven B for FPASS program, replacing Lockheed Martin Desert Hawk


09/26/2007: AeroVironment Awarded $57 Million - $108 Million Contract for Development of Global Observer Stratospheric Unmanned Aircraft System


09/11/2007: Danish Army Chooses Raven B Small UAS (English)  (Danish)


08/09/2007: Singapore reveals jungle trials using AV's Wasp micro unmanned air vehicles


02/08/2007: Aqua Puma completes sea trials on the Royal Australian Navy's HMAS Armidale in the Timor Sea


10/31/2006: AV's Raven UAV flies legally in busy downtown Brisbane's controlled airspace during Australia's Land Warfare Conference


10/09/2006: Raven UAVs on Loan To British Army in Iraq


02/18/2006: Aerovironment Wins $9.79 Million Contract (USMC Dragon Eye)


10/17/2005: AeroVironment's RQ-11 Raven wins half-billion dollar US Army SUAV Contract


11/02/2002: Chicago-based Procyon Technologies Acquires G&H Technology; new promotions to President, CTO, & VP Finance

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