Mr. Hoff has been managing small technology businesses for 20+ of his 30+ years in aerospace. His customers have included large aerospace primes, US Department of Defense services, DARPA, NASA, and many international Ministries of Defence. A common thread in all of these efforts for Mr. Hoff has been leading teams, companies, or teams of companies to success on difficult technical development programs. Products have ranged from commercial & military aircraft to launch vehicles, spacecraft, weapons systems, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles / Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAVs / UAS), and most recently robotics systems for space and nuclear applications. His breadth of knowledge and experience in aerospace products, markets, and operations has made him an effective business capture agent ($600M+) and program execution leader.

Prior to his small business ventures, Mr. Hoff served for several years as an aeronautical engineer for Beech Aircraft and Learjet. He supported the development of several new aircraft now in service today, in the disciplines of basic aerodynamics, stability and control, laboratory and flight test engineering, advanced structural composites, mass properties, and computer programming. In the years that followed, he transitioned from technical management to program management, executive management, and ultimately to business development.

For a decade, Mr. Hoff directed AeroVironment's international business bevelopment for UAS, a product family with sales governed by International Traffic in Arms Regulations [ITAR], and for some products also the Missile Technology Control Regime [MTCR]. He was tapped to lead Int'l BD UAS after his efforts as a core proposal team member on the US Army SUAV capture effort (a $333M award for the RQ-11B Raven B, which facilitated the company's IPO). As head of Int'l BD UAS, he worked with a worldwide team of associates, independent local sales representatives, consultants, strategic local partners, and the US government to expand AeroVironment's dominant domestic UAS market position into a global one with US allies. As a result, over two dozen countries purchased his company's UAV systems for government missions ranging from expeditionary force projection to national defense. His group grew international business from 5% to ~50% of annual revenues.

Mr. Hoff created and still manages the UAV Industry Group and its several subgroups on LinkedIn, which at 22,000+ members from 137 countries is the largest UAV-dedicated group of professionals in the world. He was utilized as a UAS Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the 2009 non-fiction book Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century by P. W. Singer, Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution in Washington DC. His inputs there were again utilized in 2012 for Stanford University's publication, The Nexus of Economics, Security, and International Relations in East Asia. He was then used as a UAS SME for the 2015 thriller Shadow Maker by James R. Hannibal. In 2018, he is being used again as a UAS SME in a book to be published by the Royal Australian Navy.

UAS SME publications

His last role was directing business development for SSL's Robotics & Autonomous Systems group in Pasadena (MDA US Systems), reporting into SSL in Palo Alto, CA. This involved heavy collaboration with other robotics divisions to strengthen and broaden their robotic solutions in the fields of space, nuclear, military, medical, and others. The Pasadena group's work has included robotic arms on all of JPL's Mars landers & rovers, as well as robotic arms for tomorrow's on-orbit satellite servicing for NASA & DARPA & the commercial space industry. SSL (formerly Space Systems Loral) is the largest commercial GEO satellite provider in the world, while MDA Corporation is best known for its robotic arms on the Space Shuttle and the ISS, as well as the MRI-compatible brain surgery robot 'neuroArm' and the BRIMS robotic system for Bruce Power's 8 deuterium-uranium reactors. SSL and MDA are under the umbrella of Maxar Technologies, which does $3.1B in annual revenues.

Currently, Mr. Hoff is the Managing Director for Aerospace Development, Inc. The company provides professional services to select aerospace & defense firms, helping them to define and pursue their pathways to success in challenging technological markets. For more details, see "www.aerospacedevelopment.com".


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